If you’re renting or selling a home, you probably already know that making sure it looks great is one of the most important aspects of getting the most out of your listing. What you might not know is just how much of a difference professional photography makes in your homes value.

My experience in this area has come through photographing and listing thousands of homes located throughout the country. I did this while working as a contract photographer for a vacation home management company and got to see everything from bulk shoots, when we would take over other management companies to break into new areas, to developing luxury photography packages for niche areas and for savvy homeowners who wanted to get the most out of their listings. We had a large marketing department, so it was a lot of fun and we really got to experiment and dial in the best way ways to show and list homes. Most of the places I photographed were previously listed with bad content and under performing, so I would often time track the results after the home was re-listed. These tracking efforts were eye-opening, and I never would have expected to see such large gains just from re-photographing a home. With more and more people shopping online, it truly makes all the difference. Through this experience, I’ve learned what does and does not work when photographing a home, and how to generate content that maximizes value and market attention.

I created 1963 Photography to help give homeowners the opportunity to take advantage of the same marketing leverage that large firms use to maximize home value. On average, professional photography services will increase a property value by 5%, and also help it to sell faster than competing homes. If you’re selling your home, you’re probably aware that this is about enough to completely offset the commission price from a realtor, so the investment is hard to beat. For vacation homes, the increases are even more, adding an average of 15-30% more booking frequency which also tends to drive up your homes rates. Depending on your current state of photography these results can be much higher.

1963 Photography specializes in combining classic photography techniques with modern tools and software to craft high engagement imagery and virtual tours for marketing vacation homes and high end real estate. We then help apply this freshly crafted content in ways to help listings rank better in search engines.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this site and taking an interest in maximizing home value through professional photography.

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Jesse Boomer - Photographer and Founder - 1963 Photography

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